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Corporate Name We Are Engineering Inc.
Founded May 20, 2004
Representative Kunio Asao, Chairman & CEO
Headquarters 4-45-1 Ebisujima-cho, Sakai-Ku, Sakai-Shi, Osaka
Number of Employees 133 (As of April, 2011)
Net Sales 1,050 million yen (2010)
Business Lines Developing software for Android and iPhone devices.
(application, middleware, firmware,...)
Research, development, consulting for Android devices.
Coding of cellular phone
Embedded systems, especially Mobile devices.
commissioned software development; information processing services;
design for digital and analog electronics
sales of NFC software and hardware
information services related to science and engineering; support; other
Group Companies We Are Engineering Co., Ltd.
We Are Engineering Da Nang Co., Ltd.
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