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In "We Are Engineering" (henceforth "our company"),
in dealing with personal information, the duty provided in the guideline
which the statutes about private information proctection and the specialist State Minister show,
and the privacy policy which our company defined are observed, and this is dealt with.

1. Definition of personal information
 Personal information is information about an individual and refers to an address,
 a telephone number, an e-mail address, office, a birth date,
 and the other information that can specify an individual more.
 Even when an individual cannot be identified only for one information,
 what can specify an individual is contained in personal information by suiting two or more information.

2. Collection and use of personal information
 In collection of personal information, the collection purpose is shown to the person,
 and after obtaining the consent of the person, it carries out.
 Moreover, except for the case where it accepts as an exception with a statute,
 the collected personal information is not used other than the use purpose.
 Therefore, a required concrete measure is taken.

3. Offer to the third party of personal information
 At our company, personal information is not offered to a third party,
 without obtaining the consent of the person beforehand.
 Moreover, when entrusting personal information to each part, duty attachment is performed
 so that a contract may not perform disclosure, loss, and an alteration.

4. Management of personal information
 At our company, personal information is managed properly.
 We provide the management method in regulation so that
 there may not be disclosure of personal information, loss, and an alteration.
 and strive for a continuous improvement while observing this.
 Furthermore, when a indication, correction, and removal are demanded by the person, we answer it.

5. For inquiries
 Please inform the following reference regarding the inquiry about handling of
 the personal information of our company, and a complaint and consultation.

We Are Engineering Inc. Private-Information-Proctection office
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4-45-1 Ebisujima-cho, Sakai-Ku, Sakai-Shi, Osaka
TEL: +81-72-282-6515

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