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■■ Answer to Various Questions ■■

1 Various information in a world, including a diet, metabolic syndrome, antiaging, supplement information, etc., has gone back and forth.
A special adviser is able to announce to you the information extracted to sex, the area, and the age to know truly.
(The information which an individual can specify is not opened to an adviser.)
2 Now, what is being observed?
Please use as a community site of people of health consciousness using a bulletin board.

■■ Management of Health by Myself ■■

1 It can prepare for emergency by registering daily health care administration, a clinical history, and medication history.
2 If you register blood pressure, a pulse, the blood sugar level, etc., a graphical representation will be performed and it will become an aid of health care administration.
3 After registering health information, a more suitable reply is possible if it gets in quest of advice in a special adviser.

■■ Newest Medical Treatment of Skilled Physicians ■■

1 The check of the newest medical treatment which receives sick, a check of the hospital and doctor who can consult the newest medical treatment.
Every week, the newest medical treatment of a skilled physician is raised.

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This content is a mobile phone formal content of membership fee no charge.
Only when asking for advice, 100 yen per time is needed.

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