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■■ Remote Instruction from Hospital to On-Site ■■

1 Wherever a destination or a place where one has gone may also be in, directions of a suitable recovery method are attained to the spot of a remote medical treatment and home care service.
2 It accepts all mobile phone carriers. (WILLCOM, au, SoftBank, DoCoMo)

Browse charts from your mobile phone!

■■ Information Sharing in the Clinic and Nursing Care Services ■■

1 Two or more clinic, two or more nursing care services, and information in the area are unifiable.
2 We can announce the contents of disposal, and service contents also to the home which leaves the service contents of a remote medical treatment and care and in which it lives.

Always share information with concernd people!

■■ Cheaper Expense than Receipt Computer ■■

1 Compared with receipt computer introduced in the general hospital or the university hospital, front-end payment and a running cost are cheap, and possible.
2 Isn't it troubled by a server setting position in the case of a clinic?
If it is our services, a server installs in our site, and since I have chart information registered and perused via a VPN network, he can introduce from one one PC and a mobile phone.

Solution of expense and setting position!

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