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■■ Management of Your Health from Cellular Phone ■■

1 With the mobile phone with which it is always walking around from usually, it is a help to medical examination even in an emergency by inputting daily healthy data, a clinical history, outpatient treatment records, etc., such as the blood sugar level, into "My chart" in question form.
2 Daily health care administration can be performed by registering healthy data.
By inputting a daily meal and the data of movement, it is also possible to calculate a calorie or to construct a movement menu.
Moreover, not only individual usage but unified management of the health condition of domestic [ by a company ] and an employee assigned to a post abroad is possible.
3 Even when a hospital is transferred to another hospital, by showing "My chart", medical examination is immediately possible.
4 The time and effort of an input is saved by being interlocked with external medical equipment.

■■ Consultation can be done simply [ MSW (medical social worker) ]. ■■

1 It can respond to consultation of all the contents from viewpoints of social welfare, such as the introduction and liaison and adjustment and medical expenses to a medical institution, and uneasiness to a life side.
2 By using the mail function of a mobile phone, it can respond to consultation at any time.
3 When there are worries and troubles, the help of problem solving can be performed by exact advice.
Moreover, according to each health condition, a suitable medical institution, an institution, and social resources can be guided.
(They are not medical examination, a medical examination, and medical practice)

■■ It publishes that medical treatment, welfare, and care are worrisome. ■■

1 The medical hot news and the question which you worry by medical treatment, welfare, and care are answered.

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